Uma excelente entrevista feita ao realizador Pedro Costa por Michael Guillén. Enquanto não há notícias da Midas, ficamos a aguardar os filmes.

What I like about O Sangue is this sense of the long night of childhood that embraces a lot of films that were made and a lot of American books [that I read]. I’m remembering this now while I’m here, but there was a writer that I loved, Flannery O’Connor, and probably the title [of O Sangue] comes from O’Connor. I think I stole some things – like the [relationship of the] boy and the uncle – from one of her books, The Violent Bear It Away.

Let’s not make this pretentious; but in some ways my films are dangerous because I work within limited financial means. There’s not that much money that comes in and less and less every year. You can feel it. Also, there are less possibilities of showing my films. But they’re dangerous in the sense that I have to risk each shot of my film. There’s a French writer, Céline, who I like a lot. He wrote Journey to the End of the Night, a classic novel. He used to frequently say that the writer should “put his skin on the table”; that was his expression. I feel the same way. If you don’t risk yourself and the people with whom you’re working in almost every shot you make, it’s not good, it’s useless, it’s just another film.

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