The Crossing, 1996.

Bill Viola entrevistado na Bienal de Veneza, 2007, via youtube, via designboom.

so I’m interested in moments and places of instability: thresholds of transition in between two things. for example, my favourite times of year are springtime and the autumn. in the springtime, the flowers try to come up but sometimes it’s still snowing. in the autumn, you have the trees holding on to their life, some of them are loosing their leaves and some are green. those are the kind of moments I like, where things are not clear and you can’t decide between this and that. the age of computers is a very dangerous time for us because computers work on ‘yes or no’, ‘1 or 0′. there’s no maybe, perhaps or both, it’s only yes or no. I think this is affecting our consciousness, because nature doesn’t work that way. nature works on maybe and poetry comes from maybe, not from a hard fixed order. those kind of transitions and thresholds are very very important in my work.

is there ethics in art?
yes, there is, there’s ethics in art. there’s a big responsibility
when you make an image and put it out in the world. I think the guide for me in this is a tibetan master who was killed by the chinese in the 1960’s when the cultural revolution happened in tibet. he said that all activity should be done with the intention to help, not hurt others.


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