Rembrandt em Veneza

Now he believes his palette will provide the answer to the mysteries surrounding the painting and the wretched end to the painter’s life, despite the fact that they have perplexed the art world for centuries. “The painting is a political satire, but it also conceals a great criminal mystery,” said Greenaway. “There are at least 50 secret questions. I am even arrogant enough to say that we have solved all of them.”

Speaking about what drew him to make his first feature film in four years, focusing on Rembrandt’s life and the mysteries surrounding it, he said he had attempted to reveal the mystery behind the painter’s downfall. “If Rembrandt were alive today, he would be like a cross between Mick Jagger and Bill Gates. At 23, he was well-known, extremely rich and he followed the trends of his time. His paintings were exhibited throughout Europe. But, as soon as he painted his masterpiece, The Night Watch, his career suddenly fell apart; he began to lose everything: his fortune, his reputation, his status. He went completely bankrupt.”

Peter Greenway sobre o seu filme Nightwatching, publicado em The Independent.


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