Aleksandra, Sokurov, 2007.

THR: The European Film Academy lists you as one of the 100 best directors of world cinema. You have a reputation for making films of widely differing genres noted for their emotional impact. What drives you? What questions and themes do you still wish to address in film?

Sokurov: I want to plunge into the interior space of the soul of the person even more. My love of people is so great, my sympathy and grief are so strident, that I am afraid that will power is not enough. Like many people, I am surrounded by cynicism, hatred, bitterness and complexes. I am tired of the sense of dread that presses down upon me for the destiny of my native land, my compatriots. This anxiety destroys me and robs me of the calm so indispensable for concentration. Em The Hollywood Reporter, dia 24 2007.


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