sortudos! This March, Hunter College film and media students will have the rare opportunity to learn filmmaking under the mentorship of the acclaimed Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami, who will hold a nine day film production master class in the Department of Film & Media Studies.


de correspondência filmada de Kiarostami com Erice. 

Via The House Next Door, uma conversa com Kiarostami.

KU: If, as Jean-Luc Godard is quoted as saying, “cinema begins with Griffith and ends with Kiarostami” then where does that leave us? Is this definitely the end of things? Or does this “end” signify a rebirth?

Abbas Kiorastami: I don’t think that Godard said that. If he did say it in one place then he took it back someplace else. Of me he has said, “I only like one of Kiarostami’s films.” And in one of his recent comments he said, “Kiarostami is taking cinema down the wrong road.” At one point I was great in Godard’s eye. Now I’m descended. We shouldn’t take such comments very seriously. The films that last are determined by time. It’s not how much you sell it for or how many prizes you get or what the market says is good at the moment. It’s time. If a film is good after thirty years, it’s a good film. Within the first few months of its existence you know if a film has quality. After thirty years you can tell whether it has staying power. I saw some films recently by a filmmaker I respected when I was young, and I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t like them at all.

KU: Who? What films?

AK: I can’t say. It’s such a big name that I’m afraid to say it. It’s dangerous to say it.

 KU: Then we’ll just leave it a mystery.


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