How do you support your filmmaking since it obviously doesn’t bring in a lot at the box office?

 I subsidize my movies by selling my photographs. I had a show in New York at the Andrea Rosen Gallery in 2000, but at the moment the U.S. has sanctions and there is not a possibility of commercial exchange.

Was it hard to obtain a visa from the U.S. government for this trip?

They were very kind to me; they gave me a visa. But when I arrived here, at J.F.K., I had two and a half hours of Q. and A.

The U.S. government does Q. and A.’s?

Not like you do. It’s just to make you aware that they are watching you. They asked me: How old is your mother? How old is your father? Where do you live? I answered all the questions with pleasure.

How old is your mother?

My mother is 105 years old. She is very happy and very relaxed.

What does she think of your films?

She sleeps through them.

Começa e termina aqui, em The New York Times, dia 11 Março 2007.


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