Cézanne,Les Grandes Baigneuses.

Cézanne, for interesting reasons, is probably the most “literary” of the great modern painters; some of the painter’s earliest admirers and collectors were writers. Zola was a childhood friend; the two boys were devoted to the countryside around Aix. Rilke wrote a series of famous letters about the experience of viewing Cézanne’s work, day after day, and these fragments of lyrical criticism, torn off the poet’s larger work, still have eloquent things to say about his overwhelming visual presence. Gertrude Stein and her brother Leo were very early collectors; it was in Gertrude’s apartment that Picasso was so taken by the Portrait of Madame Cézanne. Woolf was fascinated by Cézanne’s radical approach to form and representation. Cézanne reverberates in Wallace Stevens’s poetry. And so on.

Guardian, dia 30 Setembro de 2006.

Neste mês assinala-se os 100 anos da morte do pintor Paul Cézanne, daí a National Gallery realizar uma exposição que já está a decorrer desde o dia 4 de Outubro e que se prolonga até o dia 7 de Janeiro.  Cris, para quando uma ida até Londres?


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