5 perguntas

Meu amigo Domingos achou muito interessante a iniciativa do Dropping Knowledge, seguindo realmente a maratona que se realizou ontem, contribuindo igualmente com cinco perguntas muito interessantes e muito pertinentes. Não podia deixar passar em branco. Aqui ficam:

In a world dominated by realpolitik does real politics still make any sense? Isn’t economy (or, better yet: the production of profit for a tiny minority) the only driving force in the world today? Isn’t democracy a farce, then? Virtualpolitik?

How can people get any information that puts the powerful in a bad light from media owned by them?

When poor people fight for their country, aren’t they really defending rich people’s interests?

How is it possible to create anything artisticaly valuable in the
society of the spectacle?

Domingos Isabelinho , 46, Borba, Portugal


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