Já temos presidente


Wong Kar-Wai preside o Festival de Cannes de 2006. Depois de aceite o convite, o cineasta romântico dos três “S” (sublime,subtil,sussurante), promete janelas abertas assim:

“I am honoured that Gilles Jacob, Thierry Frémaux and their team have invited me to serve as jury president for the 2006 Cannes Film Festival.

Each city has its own language. In Cannes, it is the language of dreams. Yet it is difficult to judge one’s dream much less compare it to another.

There is an old Chinese saying: One can never expect the wind, but should always keep one’s window open.

Along with my fellow jurors, I look forward to sharing the dreams created by some of the most gifted talents in contemporary cinema. And our goal will be to keep our windows open as wide as possible.”


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